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Exchange Rates

Country Currency Buying Rates Selling Rates
Euro Zone - Euro 1.1560Buy 1.1790Sell
United States - USD 1.3700Buy 1.3890Sell
Canada - CAD 1.72Buy 1.7600Sell
Australia - AUD 1.84Buy 1.8700Sell
Switzerland - Franc 1.25Buy 1.3200Sell
United Arab Emirates - Dirhams 5.02Buy 5.30Sell
Turkey - Lira 11.50Buy 12.80Sell
INDIA - INR 101.0Buy 114.00Sell
Morocco - Moroccan Dirhams 11.30Buy 13.400Sell
Saudi Arabia - Riyal 5.10Buy 5.35Sell
THAILAND - THB 42.00Buy 45.00Sell
BULGARIA - LEV 2.12Buy 2.5500Sell
Denmark - Kroner 8.5500Buy 8.85Sell
Sweden - Kroner 11.70Buy 12.50Sell
Norway - Kroner 11.75Buy 12.3500Sell
East Carribean - Dollars 3.40Buy 3.7500Sell
Egypt - Pound 20.20Buy 26.5000Sell
Poland - Zloty 5.00Buy 5.4000Sell

Note: These are indication rates, please call our given office numbers to inquire about current rates and bookings.

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