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How can I order money online?

It’s simple to order travel money from us online by using our Click & Collect or Home Delivery services. Alternatively, you may visit our local bureau de change branch and purchase your travel money there.

Do I need to bring an ID for card payments?

Yes, we require the ID (current passport or UK driving license, or European id) for accepting card payments in-store regardless of the amount we will register the customer, and id’s scan will be taken. For debit/credit card payments of any amount, we require id (passport /UK driving license, European national id, resident permit, etc.). We … Read more

Do you charge for Card payments?

Charges for all visa debit cards payments are 0.0% For local credit cards, visa cards, master cards, and business cards, we may apply the charges so please ask our customer service for more details. Some credit cards and business cards we don’t accept, so please call our customer service to check them. Note: our customer … Read more

Do you accept Scottish notes?

Our company policy is not to accept Scottish notes, however, we reserve the right to accept Scottish at our sole discretion subject to a charge of 2%.

Can I ask for a refund on the completed transaction?

Once you have completed a transaction, no form of refund is permitted. In case of a refund transaction; we will apply the buyback rates, so please ask the customer service representative for the rates and calculations before you buy any currency.