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Foreign Currency Exchange Expert and Transferring Money Worldwide safer, Faster and Smarter!

Money Transfer


As a dedicated foreign money transfer specialist, RME have a professional expertise, in depth market knowledge, payout extensive network in more than 60 countries worldwide across Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East, technological infrastructure and commitment to provide you with unprecedented level of service, peace of mind, best exchange rates with minimum charges, fast and secure that sets the standard in foreign transfer industry.

RME facilitates the customers with the large number of collection points worldwide through Banks, Western union, Money Gram, Ria Payout points to collect a ”Cash” over the counter instant availability and within next 24 hours. We also offer free of charge service for Pakistan immediate collection availability with a variety of banks choice.

We are specialist to transfer your funds safely by providing the nearest payout point, not only we provide best exchange rates, we can also transfer your funds overseas by way of bank transfers.

RME offers the secure service like the banks, we are distinguished by its team of knowledge and cashiers who are dedicated to offer you customized solutions that meeting their needs in the cheapest most efficient way possible. Over the years, we have nurtured a reputation for honesty, reliability, quality of service, professionalism, valued every single customer and take care to establish a mutually satisfactory relationship with each of them. We earned the customers trust and also rewarded by repetition customers business with us with satisfaction. These customers also recommended to others.

If you want to know more about our services and money transfer options in detail, please visit our any nearest branch or call on any given numbers during our office hours.

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Money Transfer